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Highly-Visible Bright Neon Rash Guard in Neon Yellow

Neon Swimwear Abyss: The Quest for Neon Swimwear Ends with HiViz


The HiViz Vision: Neon Swimwear Everywhere!

Embarking on an online quest for a neon swimsuit, a toddler rash guard, or just any type of bright swimwear historically turns into a daunting voyage. For years HiViz founder, Mary, mom of two littles, searched for neon swimwear for her kids because of knowing it is the best swimsuit color for visibility. It was nearly impossible! After a terrifying moment when her daughter disappears at the beach she decided it was time for this to change. Taking matters into her own hands, she crafted the first piece of HiViz neon swimwear for her daughter, a bright, true neon swimsuit. 

The incredible impact on visibility and supervision capabilities that neon brought also brought with it peace of mind and a sense of calm allowing her to enjoy her time at the beach with her kids. 

We know you, too, have tirelessly typed "neon swimsuit," "neon toddler swimsuit," "neon swimwear," "hot pink swimsuit," "neon rash guard," "bright swimwear," and literally any variation of neon swimmer into Google looking for neon swim pieces for your kids. Yet, your hopes have often been dashed by search results that fall short of the vibrant swimwear you envisioned, leading to disappointment when that neon yellow rash guard you ordered is actually canary yellow, and the neon green? a pale mint. Yeah, we know, we've been there.

Enter HiViz Swimwear. Founded on the principle that visibility matters and that swimwear should be about safety first, the safety that comes with the superior visibility of neon.


Who we are:

  • We are moms who are fiercely passionate about our kids's safety.

  • We are moms who care deeply about other moms, supporting them, and helping them protect their kids.

  • We are moms who got tired of not having something that seemed like a 'no brainer,' something SO SIMPLE that could bring so much peace of mind.

  • We are moms who wanted to create a company driven by the 'mom point of view,' and every decision we make goes through that lens. 


Want to know more? Visit our About Us


Why is neon the best swimsuit color for visibility?

We could type a story about why, but we feel this short video of HiViz neon swimwear in the water with an average swimsuit says it best:

Drowning Prevention is Multi-Layered

Childhood drowning is an epidemic. It is a preventable tragedy. The first step in prevention is education about drowning and drowning prevention measures. 

Here are some of the drowning statistics:

  • Drowning is the #1 cause of death for kids ages 1-4 
  • Drowning is the #2 cause of death for kids ages 5-14
  • Most drownings happen at times when the child isn't expected to be by the water
  • 23% of drownings occur at a family gathering
  • Drowning is silent
  • Drowning happens in 30 seconds or less
  • A child who is experienced wearing a flotation device in water but can't swim has a false sense of safety around water and their body's muscle memory will put them in the drowning position (vertical) if they accidentally fall in
  • Boys are at a higher risk. According to the CDC ~80% of drownings are male. 
  • Autistic kids are 160x times more likely to drown than their neurotypical peers.

The NDPA's 5 Layers of Protection

The National Drowning Prevention Alliance has established guides to water safety that address the need for multiple layers of protection.

The 5 Layers:

  • Barriers & Alarms: 
    • Completely fence in all 4 sides of the pool with self-closing and latching gates. DO NOT have one side be the house.
    • Alarm doors. This is important even if you do not have a pool, if you are within walking proximity to any body of water from a small fish pond to a large lake.
  • Supervision: 
    • Having an adult present alone is not enough. 88% of drownings happen with at lease one adult present (NDPA). Adequate supervision means you have your eyes on your child at all times, you are within reach in case something goes wrong, and you are undistracted. We recommend assigning a designated water watcher with a clear handoff of that responsibility. You can purchase a Water Guardian tag for your designated water watcher to wear at Levi's Legacy and support an amazing, brave, mother and a beautiful cause in honor of her son Levi.
    • We also recommend neon swimwear for its superior ability to retain visibility when submerged. Additionally it increases supervision capabilities at crowded beaches, pools, splash pads and lakes. 
  • Water Competency:
    • This means teaching your child swim skills at the earliest age possible. There are many different options and you should evaluate which is right for your family and your child. Emphasis should be on gaining skills to float in the event of a fall into water. Learn more about choosing the right lessons on our blog: Choosing the Right Swim Lessons
    • When all other layers fail a child's ability to self-rescue will always be there
  • Life Jackets:
    • Using the appropriate, USCG approved life jackets for the right activities.
    • NOT using life jackets as a flotation device for a child who cannot swim instead of the parent holding them when in water.
  • Emergency Preparation:
    • Knowing how to perform CPR in the event of a drowning can save lives

Preschooler on beach in dad

Must-Have Neon Swimwear | Bright Colored Swim

Why HiViz? Live Life Bright!

1. Neon Brilliance in EVERY Piece

HiViz swimwear lives up to its name, offering a collection that doesn't merely mimic neon but exudes its luminous glory. You won't find any canary yellow or kelly green here, nothing but true neon** Neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, neon orange, and any other color we can get our mill to make in neon 😍. Bid farewell to settling for lackluster colors that fail to capture the true essence of neon vibrancy; the only color that can truly fluoresce is neon! 

**We do plan to have some accent colors/patterns that are not neon; however, we are committed to always having the predominant color of every piece be true neon.

2. Mom-approved. We have sourced the best material for our products: recycled, chemical-free, soft, durable, and our favorite, UPF 50+ sun protection swimwear! Pop on a neon rash guard, and no more sunblocking that wiggly kid!

Swim instructor in pool wearing womens neon pink rash guard teaching a young swimmer wearing neon yellow swim pants and a neon pink rash guard kids.

"It was so easy to spot her at the water park when everyone else blended into the blue colors and the crowd!"


We have tirelessly been working behind the scenes to rapidly expand our neon swimwear lineup to hit 2024 with a full lineup. So, what do we have in the works?

Neon Two-Piece:

  • A full-coverage sporty neon bikini bottom and a matching sporty neon bikini top with adjustable straps! These will be available in our Girls and Women's collections. Note: Inventory will be limited so make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get all the updates on in-stock and product releases.

Women's Neon Rash Guard:

  • We heard you, and it's in the works! Women's neon rash guards are a great sun protection pairing with our neon sporty bikini!

Neon Swim Trunks:

  • We are also in progress on boy's neon swim trunks!  

We can't wait! If you're interested in product updates and in-stock alerts, make sure to sign up for our emails below!

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