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Neon swimwear fabric on rolls. HiViz neon swimwear for kids.

Riding the Green Wave with REPREVE® Recycled Polyester: The Perfect Choice for HiViz Neon Swimwear


In a world increasingly driven by eco-conscious choices, businesses are embracing sustainable practices, and the textile industry is no exception. Here at HiViz, it is important for us to be able to incorporate practices in our business that are good for sustainability and the future, for our planet and our kids!  That is why we're excited about REPREVE® recycled polyester. Sourced from post-consumer plastic bottles, this eco-friendly material not only reduces plastic waste but also delivers unparalleled quality, making it the ideal choice for HiViz neon swimwear. 


Repreve logo for recycled polyester for HiViz neon swimwear.

What is REPREVE® Recycled Polyester?

As consumers demand more sustainable products, forward-thinking companies like Unifi responded with a groundbreaking solution: REPREVE® recycled polyester. Designed to combat plastic pollution while maintaining top-notch performance, this fabric has become a game-changer in the world of eco-conscious textiles.

REPREVE® is born from a remarkable process that starts with collecting discarded plastic bottles from recycling centers and coastal cleanups worldwide. These bottles undergo meticulous sorting, cleaning, and preparation, removing labels and caps to ensure a clean feedstock.

Through an advanced recycling process, the plastic bottles are transformed into small pellets and eventually polyester chips—the fundamental building blocks of REPREVE® recycled polyester fabric.


Exciting Eco-Friendly Advantages of  REPREVE®

By adopting REPREVE® for HiViz Swimwear, we're not just offering superior products, but also making a significant environmental impact.
  • Each ton of REPREVE® fabric saves an astounding 21 plastic bottles from polluting our planet. By incorporating this material into our HiViz Swimwear, we're directly contributing to cleaner oceans and landfills.
  • The production of REPREVE® recycled polyester results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional polyester manufacturing. This means HiViz Swimwear's carbon footprint will be smaller, aligning the brand with sustainability.
  • REPREVE® fabric reduces water consumption during its production by an impressive 45%, actively addressing the global water crisis.
  • Opting for REPREVE® means utilizing approximately half the energy required for traditional, resource-intensive virgin polyester production. 

HiViz +  REPREVE® = Neon Swimwear That is Durable, Safe, & Environmentally Responsible.

Our fabric transition to REPREVE® recycled polyester doesn't come with any compromises. REPREVE® fabric boasts exceptional strength, durability, and elasticity, providing comfort and style without sacrificing eco-consciousness.

REPREVE® recycled polyester fabric holds essential certifications such as the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, rest assured our HiViz Neon Swimwear line is both safe and environmentally responsible.

Fun fact, REPREVE®'s approach is built on transparency and helpfulness - two of HiViz's key principles and we couldn't think of a better fit! 

By choosing HiViz neon swimwear for your family, you embark on this journey with us toward sustainability, responsibility, and a greener future for our planet. How amazing that we can take a plunge together, safeguarding our oceans, and leaving a legacy of change – one sustainable, neon swimsuit at a time.


If you're feeling nerdy like us you can check out more on the REPREVE® Website.

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