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Neon swim, neon rash guard product images. Neon yellow and pink rash guard, neon pink coral rash guard, neon pink rash guard, neon yellow rash guard, and a neon orange rash guard.

Just Launched: New Neon Swimwear Colors


Blazing Bright Neon Swim Colors

We're thrilled to launch our new solid color, highly visible neon swimwear colors, expanding our lineup and offering the variety that YOU, our parents, our #1 priority, asked for:

Blazing Bright Neon Orange Rash Guard:

This color is so bright it's nearly offensive to the eyes! Perfect for keeping track of your kids in busy environments, this rash guard is the ultimate mom hack for visibility.

Neon Coral Rash Guard:

A vibrant and stylish option that fluoresces in the light, making your kids visible, and for pink lovers, this is a win!

Neon Pink Rash Guard:

Our beloved neon pink is a classic neon favorite that's bright and bold and ensures your child stands out.

At HiViz Swimwear, we are dedicated to creating a truly neon swimwear line that ensures maximum visibility. Our mission is simple: to provide the brightest, most vibrant, high-visibility neon swimwear that fluoresces in the light, ensuring your children are always as visible as possible. We know firsthand that every second counts and that visibility matters in the event of an emergency.

So we excitedly introduce our new neon swimwear colors: Solid blazing bright neon orange, solid neon pink, and solid neon coral! Available NOW in our kids' neon rash guards.

Want to take a look? Visit our store.

The Top Features of Our Neon Swimwear

Truly neon materials actually fluoresce—they absorb invisible ultraviolet light and then emit a visible glow. This is why colors that are actually neon appear to glow, and this is why neon swimwear retains visibility underwater, making neon the best swimsuit color for visibility.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection. When it comes to sun-protective clothing, nothing beats UPF 50+. When you combine that with the visibility of true neon, that's superior sun protection and heightened visibility!

Our neon swimwear is made from high-quality materials, including recycled REPREVE polyester OEKO-TEX certified fabric. This fabric is soft, has a 4-way stretch, is chlorine resistant, and dries quickly.

Want neon swim? Check out these colors:

Neon swim, neon pink, neon orange, neon coral, and neon yellow rash guard product image.
Neon swim, neon pink rash guard product image.
Neon swim, neon orange rash guard product image.
Neon swim, neon pink coral rash guard product image.

The Neon Swim Mission: Safety First, Neon Always

When we started HiViz Swimwear, we had one goal: to offer high-visibility, UPF 50+ sun-protective children's swimwear. Our colors are designed to stand out, providing peace of mind for parents and ensuring that kids are easily visible in any environment.

Neon swim, neon rash guard product images. Neon yellow and pink rash guard, neon pink coral rash guard, neon pink rash guard, neon yellow rash guard, and a neon orange rash guard.

Neon Swim Related Readings

Saying Goodbye to Neon Yellow with Blue Sleeves

As part of our Kickstarter campaign, we offered a Neon Yellow with Blue Sleeves option. While this combination fulfilled our initial pledges, we had concerns about its effectiveness, particularly when worn under a life vest. Staying true to our mission, we decided to focus our resources on pure neon colors that offer the highest visibility. This led to the development of our new blazing bright neon orange, a color so bright it's nearly offensive to the eyes, a color that will make your child stand out in any setting. Focusing on pure neon swimwear colors ensures maximum visibility and safety for your children.

Why Neon Swim Color Matters

Neon swim colors are not just a fashion statement (although we do absolutely love them!); they are a crucial safety feature. Whether it is a lifeguard, parent, or other caregiver, supervision is one of the layers of drowning prevention. Our neon swimwear is designed to be highly visible, making it easier to spot your child in crowded or busy environments; it makes your kid stand out. Whether it’s neon orange, neon pink, or neon coral, these colors are the best swim colors for visibility. You can learn more about the importance of neon on our Best Swimsuit Color for Visibility blog.

We take water safety and drowning prevention seriously. To learn more about drowning risks, check out our blog from Water Safety Month: Drowning Prevention Tips You Should Know.

Join Us!

We know other swim companies now offer neon swimwear, and we think that's fantastic! Children's swimwear has historically been made almost entirely in patterns, blues, pastels, and anything BUT actual neon, fluorescing colors. We are proud to be one of the handful of small businesses focusing on bright, visible swimwear. Why choose us then? 

Three key factors set us apart:

First, we are mission-driven. Our goal is to help eradicate childhood drowning by providing neon swimwear to enhance supervision and through drowning prevention education. 

Secondly, our swimwear is ACTUALLY neon. While other bright colors are better than pastels, canary yellow doesn't fluoresce like neon yellow.

Third, we exist for you. We build our products around what parents want for their kids. Products that meet the high-quality, safe materials that we want for our children.

Join us in our mission to keep children safe with our UPF 50+ sun-protective swimwear. Our neon swimsuits, rash guards, and toddler swimsuits ensure your kids are visible and protected.

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