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View from underwater of a boy in a pool swimming from one person to another. The boy is in the middle, facing the right,  in neon yellow swim trunks and a neon red rash guard.

What is the Best Swimsuit Color for Visibility? Neon, the Safest Swimsuit Color


You've probably heard a lot of buzz the last year about swimsuit color. Things like choosing the right swimsuit color, which colors are best, and which swimsuit colors you should stay away from. When it comes to hitting the waves or lounging by the pool with the family, choosing the best swimsuit color goes beyond just fashion, and here at HiViz we believe that when it comes to swimwear, safety should always come before fashion.  Your child’s swimsuit color can play a crucial role in their visibility on the beach, at the pool or splash pad, and underwater. In this blog, we'll dive into the pool of neon swimsuit colors, shedding light on why your choice matters and delving into the science behind visibility in water, and why neon is the best swimsuit color. Take a look at the video below of two different swimsuits colors  and how their visibility changes as the waves roll in and they get into deeper water. 


The Science of the Visibility of Neon-Colored Swimsuits Underwater:

Ever wondered why some colors seem to disappear underwater while others stand out? The interaction between light and water dictates color visibility, with hues fading as you go deeper in general. Colors tend to fade as you go deeper underwater due to the absorption and scattering of light. However, there's an exception to this – neon colors.

Product photo of a true neon yellow rash guard. Laying flat on a white background. The Neon rash guard is long-sleeved.

Neon Swimsuits: The Best Swimsuit Color for Visibility.

Neon swimsuits, like neon swim trunks, a neon rash guard, or neon toddler swimsuits, have a unique ability to fluoresce. Fluorescence is a phenomenon where certain materials absorb light at one wavelength and emit it at another. In the case of neon swimsuits, their color not only reflects but also emits light, making them highly visible underwater. This emission of light is what gives fluorescent materials that look like it's glowing. This quality is a game-changer for swimwear, as this enhances visibility and therefore safety in the water, and on land. 

Safest Swimsuit Color for Visibility.

For those seeking the best swimsuit color for visibility, neon shades shine bright at the top the list. Whether it's a neon rash guard, neon pink swimsuit, or any other vibrant neon swimwear, wearing neon gives you the best swimsuit visibility. These colors not only pop but also ensure your children can remain easily seen, especially on densely crowded  beaches, splash pads, and  waters. Where drowning remains the number one cause of death for children 4 and under and the second leading cause for ages 5-14, it's important to remember that this is a preventable tragedy and one of those layers of protection is adequate supervision.

Why Choose High-Visibility Swimsuits?

When shopping for swimwear, prioritize high-visibility swimsuits. These bright neon swimsuits ensure that your children remain easily spotted by you, lifeguards, fellow swimmers, or anyone else around. Dressing your kids in a bright neon swimsuit color, designed with visibility in mind, adds an extra layer of safety for the little ones enjoying the water. Neon is the best color for swimwear because it aids in supervision, one of the most important drowning-prevention measures. 

Swimsuit color is more than aesthetics; it's a crucial factor in ensuring visibility and safety in the water. Neon swim trunks, neon toddler swimsuits, and other neon swim products are excellent choices for the safest swimsuit selections. Consider the science behind color visibility when choosing your swimwear, and opt for high-visibility swimsuits that allow you to make a splash with confidence.

Choose swimwear that puts safety through visibility first, neon always - HiViz Neon Swimwear. 

All HiViz Swimwear Boasts:

  • UPF 50+  

  • Chlorine resistant 

  • Comfortable 4-way stretch

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

  • 82% RECYCLED polyester, 18% spandex

HiViz Swimwear - Swimsuit Color That is Truly Neon

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