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Not Just Swimsuits - A Company With Passion & A Mission

Not Just Swimsuits - A Company With Passion & A Mission


What we sell at HiViz is neon swimwear. What we do is provide one more tool in our parenting toolbox to bring us peace of mind, to add one more level of safety, and to give us one more way to try and protect our children.

It also goes beyond that!

At our core, we exist to save lives. How will we do that? By spreading the word about drowning statistics, educating parents on swim safety, and giving back to organizations that support the mission.

We know that learning to swim reduces the risk of drowning by 88% in children ages 1-4. We also know that many parents do not have the money to enroll their children in swim lessons. That’s why we will also be awarding swim scholarships to disadvantaged families/children.

When you buy your kids’ suits from HiViz Swimwear not only are you adding a layer of protection for your own children but you are supporting the safety, education, and equitable access to swim lessons for other children as well.

Man, doesn’t that feel good?!

Join the movement #neonsummer

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