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Stand out at the beach, pool, or splash pad.


Our neon rash guard is highly visible, bright, and truly neon.


Game-Changing Neon Swimwear

This neon swimwear is a game-changer! My kids love it, and it makes it so easy to spot them in the pool and at the lake. The fit is just right but roomy enough to ensure they're well-protected from the sun, but it's still easy to put on and take off!

Sara K. / Maine

Being at the ocean is something my family and I cherish, but it also comes with a big responsibility: keeping my kids safe around water. I'm so thankful for our HiViz neon rash guards. They've become an essential part of our beach and boating trips and my kids absolutely love them - the fabric is soft and the bright neon colors make them stand out. It gives me peace of mind knowing that they're more visible in the water. They love the compliments they get during swim lessons and at the beach!

Kelley / Rhode Island

View from underwater of a boy in a pool swimming from one person to another. The boy is in the middle, facing the right,  in neon yellow swim trunks and a neon red rash guard.
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