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The Mom's Behind HiViz Neon Swimwear

We're three moms, eight children between us all ages 8 and under, with a shared vision, broad range of skills, all the hard work and grit in the world, and with a passion for swim safety and drowning prevention education. HiViz Swimwear is a neon swimwear company dedicated to making children visible in and around water. Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children 4 and under (4 of our 8) and the #2 leading cause of death for children ages 5-14 (4 of our 8). We founded HiViz Swimwear due to a need in the marketplace for highly visible neon swimwear for kids. We feel strongly that parents should have easy access to this type of swimwear that puts visibility first and we got really tired of not being able to find it!

So, we decided to make it ourselves.

Meet the Moms


Mom of three, including a set of twins, Brittany is passionate about her kids and their safety, and helping other parents. She has a background in startups, logistics, and research and development. Brittany is also a lover of nature bathing (it's the best look it up if you haven't heard of it!), photography, and cycling. She is passionate about HiViz because of the peace the visibility brings her as a mom, keeping track of three little kids!


Mary is mom of two and a fierce advocate for supporting other parents. Mary grew up as a competitive swimmer, was a life guard, and swim instructor and is passionate about water safety and drowning prevention. Her background is in communications. Mary is passionate about HiViz because of the ability neon gives her to easily supervise her kids around water and in public places! She is often easy to spot because she loves wearing neon.


Miranda is a mom of three, including a set of twins! She has a passion and energy for life and is that person who gives random strangers genuine compliments. Her background is in communications, and has nearly two decades of experience in media. Miranda is that person who walks into a room and instantly brightens it up. She is passionate about HiViz because of the visibility it provides to keep eyes on her kids in all kinds of environments.

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